Terms of Reference (ToR)


Operation and Management of URB Primary Health Care Centre



Project Title:                Operation and Management of URB Primary Health Care Centre

Project Location:         Araihazar Upazila of Narayangonj District

Project duration:          1 Year

Funded by:                  UChicago Research Bangladesh (URB)


A. Introduction about the Organization

UChicago Research Bangladesh (URB) has been registered as an international NGO with the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh. Headquarter of the organization is in Chicago, USA.

The organization is working to save lives by generating the new evidences in global health, strengthening the capacity of health professionals and promoting health education and health-care services in Bangladesh with the approval of NGO Affairs Bureau. The organization is also closely working with the policymakers, scientists, young researchers, health-care professionals, local representatives and community people to improve the health and well-being and develop quality of life through health interventions. URB collaborates with government agencies, educational and research institutions, private sectors, non-profit and civil society organizations to achieve the change in health systems in Bangladesh.


B. About the Project

UChicago Research Bangladesh (URB) is running several research projects last 20 years in the project location and research participants need primary health care support at the community level. So far till to date there are more than 37,000 research participants and their family members. It is difficult for URB to run the primary health care support to the research participants. Thus, URB designed this project to provide primary health care (PHC) services through a local organization who is suitable and experienced to running such activities. In this PHC each day more than 160 participants come for primary health care and treatment.


C. Geographic location of the work

URB has a primary health care centre located at Araihazar Upazila of Narayangonj District. Araihazar Upazila is about 35 kilometer east side from Dhaka city and 20 km north side of Sonargaon Upazila. Any local patient can come to take the services like diagnosis, doctor consultancy, care and treatment. The selected (to be) vendor will have to work in Araihazar Upazila. Since the organization URB is working at Araihazar Upazila for more than two decades, a strong relationship has been built up with the community people of the area. Expectation to get the services is also very high. So a very good relationship and possible better services will have to provide for the research respondents as well as with the community people.


D. Rationale:

From the beginning of the organization URB the clinical services was operating/ providing by URB. But due to increasing other research activities, it is not possible for operating and managing the clinical operation by URB itself. URB manpower is more needed to work for field operation work at the village and Union level. So URB felt the need to engage a local level vendor to perform the work who are able to maintain a very good and strong relationship with the URB research participants (37,000 person) as well as local community people who may be (will be) added as new research participants of URB next years. URB don’t want to break/destroy the good relationship with the local community and want to maintain/continue it.

So, URB want to engage a local level Vendor who are able to maintain the strong relationship with the URB research participants and with the local community and provide clinical services. After selection the selected vendor will have to operate and management of the clinic and provide required services as per URB satisfaction. 

Research participants and their family members need primary health care for regular basis when they become sick and required treatment by the doctors at the community level. As URB is collecting and keeping all health related symptoms, diagnosis and treatment using the electronic health record system at community level. Using those data, Govt. and policy makers can make plan for the future policy of health in Bangladesh and beyond. Through these primary data, researcher and academicians can get more new evidences for the future nations.


E. Objectives of the work

Main objectives of the project:

  • To provide primary health care services to the research participants and the community people
  • To provide care, management and treatment to the participants.
  • To provide time to time services as requested and as per agreement to be done.
  • To keep all the medical records in existing electronic database system for future health research works.


F. Scope of the work

Selected Vendor will be responsible for overseeing requested clinical activities rendered to individuals seeking care from the clinic including those who are current or may become future participants in the studies conducted by UChicago Research Bangladesh.

Clinical activities will have to conduct under the leadership of medical director and other Vendor’s employees listed in the budget. Staff will be employed by Vendor and will be assigned to work in the clinic to manage all financial transactions related to clinical services and may perform administrative assignments relating to current or future research related activities conducted in the clinic.

Availability of Equipment: Majority portion of the required equipment is already installed/available in the clinic. Vendor (to be selected) will be able to use the equipments for operation of the clinical services. But any repair and maintenance cost (if needed) will need to be borne by the Vendor.


G. Deliverables from the Vendor

To provide primary health care to the research participants and community people the selected vendor will have to operate and manage the following services for sharing the data to URB:

  • Physical examination (anthropometric measurement) of the research participants and all other patients.
  • Provide diagnostic support
  • Maintain clinical/surgical notes.
  • Clinical/differential diagnosis,
  • Maintain patient's clinical history, medication use/dose/duration and other clinical data.
  • Maintain diagnostic (including biochemical, microbiological, pathological, imaging and other diagnostic measures) and any other clinical data.
  • Maintain standard medical services for the research participants and other patients.
  • Collect biological samples of the patients for the purpose of biomedical, public health and social sciences.
  • Submit the activity/status report to URB in each quarter.


H. Mode of Payment

  • Mode of payment will be through account payee cheque /bank transfer in the name of the firm.
  • Payment will be made quarterly after submission of service provided report and duly acceptance and certified by the authorized person of URB.
  • URB will deduct VAT (and income tax) at source as per Bangladesh Government rules.


I. Vendor’s qualification and experiences/expertise

The Vendor/firm should have the following experience and expertise:

  • The Vendor/ firm should have at least 2 years of relevant experiences in health sector in rural Bangladesh.
  • Experience in working with international organizations/NGOs/development organizations.
  • Excellent planning, organizing and communication skills
  • Excellent reporting and other document writing skills
  • Experience of working in tight timeline
  • To be abide by the URB policy.


J. Discloser of information

It is understood and agreed that the Vendor shall, during and after the effective period of the contract, treat as confidential and not disclose, unless authorized in writing by URB, any information obtained in the assignment of the performance of the Contract.


K. Copyright and Ownership of Assignment

UChicago Research Bangladesh URB) will reserve the copyright of all information, findings and the final documents produced through this process. The produced documents cannot be used for any other purposes by the Vendors.


L. Duration of management services

The duration of management services will be for one year.


M. Application Process

URB invites proposal will be in two parts: Technical and Financial. Both proposal will have to submit separately by 30 June, 2022 with the subject line: Operation and Management of URB Primary Health Care Centre at Araihazar Upazila. Proposal will have to write in English language.


Required components for Technical proposal submission are:

  • Organization’s Profile
  • Description of previous relevant works (max. 2 pages)
  • Composition of team with name and brief Bio-Data of all key staff.
  • Detail proposal explaining how the areas of work mentioned in the Scope of Work and Deliverables (part F & G) will be addressed (max. 6 pages).
  • Time Schedule/Timeline
  • Copy of valid Trade License
  • Copy of valid Clinic License from DGHS
  • Copy of registration from RJSC/MoSW/NGOAB.
  • Copy of valid TIN certificate.
  • Copy of valid VAT Registration/BIN certificate


 Required components for Financial proposal submission are:

  • Budget (in detail with activity/component)
  • Detail budget justification

Any compress file attachment will not be accepted.


N. Disqualification

  1. Proposal should be submitted to email; urb.admin@urb-bd.org. Proposal submission to any other email account will be disqualified.
  2. Incomplete proposals will be disqualified.
  3. Proposal submission after the deadline (30 June, 2022 by 1 p.m.) will not be considered for evaluation and be disqualified.
  4. Proposal must be submitted on official Letterhead of the Vendor/firms and must be signed by an authorized signatory of the vendor/firm. Proposals that are not signed will be disqualified and rejected.
  5. Technical proposals will be reviewed first. Then financial proposal will be reviewed.
  6. Once the proposals are evaluated, URB will invite the highest scored vendor/firm for detail presentation on operation and management plan.


Proposals must to be submitted by soft copy through e-mail to: urb.admin@urb-bd.org by 30 June, 2022 (1 p.m.) addressed to Country Representative, UChicago Research Bangladesh. Bidders may submit their hard copy of proposals to URB Country Office located at House No. 4, Road No. 2B, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 with maintaining same date and time as mentioned above.

 Any compress file attachment will not be accepted with mail. File size is limited under 10 MBs. If necessary, for sending documents more than 10 MBs, multiple emails can be used.


Contact person for any query, if needed (up to 29 June, 2022 by 4 p.m)

Administrative Coordinator

UChicago Research Bangladesh (URB)

Phone- 02-48964722, 02-58955708


UChicago Research Bangladesh (URB) preserves the right to cancel any of the proposal or all submitted proposals without showing any reason..